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Ed Dorsey

Attorney at Law

As an attorney who places my clients first, I will be here for you. My interest in law began when I got a traffic violation back before the days of the internet. I was shocked at how my insurance rates skyrocketed. From then on, I decided to help others solve their legal issues. I started practicing law in 1993 and opened my own firm four years later. I understand that people want an attorney that listens and can relate to them, and I know I can be that counsel for you. I'm proud to serve the Mound City, Illinois, community, and the surrounding areas of Alexander County, Pulaski County, Union County, and Massac County.

More About Me

Defending a Variety of Traffic Cases

If you've been charged with a traffic violation, turn to me for skilled and strategic representation.

Speeding Tickets

As a knowledgeable attorney, I will use my legal experience to work for the best possible outcome. If you believe you've been issued an unjust speeding ticket, I will fight for the charge to be reduced or dropped altogether.


Were you accused of a hit-and-run in Southern Illinois? Don't let this negatively affect your driving record. I'm ready to help you fight this charge and strive to keep your record clean and your insurance rates down.

Negligent Driving Charges

Let’s fight charges of negligent (or careless) driving. These charges can be serious and often involve hefty fines and even jail time. Secure an expert attorney who can help you navigate the next steps.

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Honest & Accessible Counsel When You Need It Most

I will fight tooth and nail to strive for our desired outcome. I'm the type of attorney who will put your needs first. I work diligently whether I'm helping my clients fight against a simple traffic violation like a speeding ticket or a much more serious criminal defense charge. As an attorney who enjoys helping clients solve legal issues, I am affordable and easy to contact. You can speak directly to me without having to go through a secretary. This personalized approach allows you to feel at ease and confident in the counsel you've secured.

I understand that each person has different needs, so I take the time to listen to you and understand your unique situation. Once I know the full scope of the problem, I can work collaboratively with you towards a realistic solution. Whether you need help with fighting a traffic violation fine or a drug crime charge, I've got your back. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation. I am proud to represent the Mound City, Illinois, community, and the surrounding areas of Alexander County, Pulaski County, Union County, Franklin County, and Massac County.