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Retail Theft Attorney
Serving Mound City, Illinois

Any kind of theft accusation can carry serious consequences. This can disrupt your personal and work life and make your daily life difficult. Ed Dorsey, Attorney at Law represents clients dealing with retail theft charges in Carbondale, Cairo and Mound City, IL, and all of Pulaski and Alexander Counties.

Put a skilled defender in your corner after being charged with shoplifting or another type of retail theft.

Wondering What Counts as Retail Theft?

The image most people think of when someone mentions shoplifting is someone hiding an item in their coat and walking out of a store. However, retail theft includes a variety of illicit activities, such as:

  • Not returning a rented item

  • Jamming alarms to make theft easier

  • Removing or changing an item's price tag

  • Taking goods or merchandise without payment

  • Taking merchandise out of an exit door without payment

If you're facing retail theft charges, you'll need to find a criminal defense lawyer. A lawyer will work hard to help you handle your case. Contact Ed Dorsey, Attorney at Law today if you need representation.