Fight Back Against Marijuana Charges

Team up with a marijuana possession lawyer in Carbondale, IL

New legislature made marijuana legal in Illinois on January 1, 2020, but there are still restrictions in place when it comes to possession. If you've been charged with a marijuana-related crime, you'll need someone who's well-versed in these new laws on your side. That's where Ed Dorsey Attorney at Law comes in.

Our marijuana possession lawyer represents clients in Carbondale, IL and surrounding areas, including Cairo and Mound City, as well as the rest of Pulaski and Alexander counties. Attorney Ed Dorsey will explain the new laws and how they apply to your situation. You'll have experienced legal help on your side from to finish, from building a strong defense to fighting your charges in court.

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Trust a knowledgeable attorney with your case

Trust a knowledgeable attorney with your case

While marijuana was legalized for general use, possessing too much marijuana is still breaking the law. Anyone possessing 30 grams or more could face serious fines and even possible jail time. Fortunately, our marijuana possession lawyer can help you navigate these laws. We will...

• Review your case and explain your options so you know what to expect
• Help you consider options like applying for deferred prosecution or special probation, if necessary
• Speak to the judge and jury on your behalf and argue for the best possible outcome for your case

If you've been charged with marijuana possession, we recommend that you say nothing to the police and reach out to us immediately. You can speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney right away when you contact us.