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A traffic ticket can lead to hefty fines and even increase your insurance premiums. Thankfully, you don't have to fight your case alone. Ed Dorsey Attorney at Law is a traffic court attorney, helping residents in Carbondale, Cairo, Mound City, IL and throughout Pulaski and Alexander Counties.

Attorney Ed Dorsey has helped countless clients since 1993 and is familiar with the circumstances surrounding traffic tickets in Pulaski County and throughout southern Illinois. Whether you're a local resident or passing through from out of town, he can help you.

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5 common types of traffic cases

5 common types of traffic cases

There are many different types of traffic tickets you may incur. Attorney Ed Dorsey has experience handling all traffic cases. Some of the most common cases involve:

1. Speeding
2. Reckless driving
3. Failure to stop at red lights
4. Cellphone and texting violations
5. Driving with a suspended license

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